Essays to a holistic theology

Esther Keller-Stocker




We are responsible for our actions. This sentence is correct. It is an expression of our integrity and our will to act ethically.

On the other hand, am I really able to take each responsibility for my actions? What about the socks purchased so cheap I wear now. Did the needle-worker earn enough? Does the material passes the test of  the text of sustainability? Of course, we are aware of such issues. We travel so much, by car, train or plane, although we are aware very well of the destruction of our environment through our mobility drive.

These are two examplex demonstrate the limit of our responsibility. As a Christian I remember of the concept of sin. But this word is too much associated  with clerical clanger. Therefore, I would rather speak of shadow, named by C. G. Jung. The shadow lies between consciousness and unconsciousness. Our example of the socks shows, before we purchased simply, now we reflect on the way, how they are formed and how we can implement this idea ethically